The Taiwan Indigo among Taiwanese Culture and Arts

This year, our Bureau specially invited The Taiwan Indigo Dyeing Society to host The Hundred Years of Taiwan Indigo. The main goal is to promote the beauty of Taiwan indigo dyeing culture and arts, and through this exhibition, to establish a new milestone for the history of Taiwan indigo development, that is, to increase our international participation while based in Taiwan. At a time when countries worldwide urge to encourage folk culture and arts, using indigo dyeing to represent our folk culture is, in fact, most appropriate considering our local conditions. Because while the plant needed to produce the raw materials for indigo dye stuff grows in our rainy city Keelung, it can also be found in other parts of northern Taiwan. Therefore, we can say that indigo dyeing best represents Taiwanese culture and arts.

It is easy to see the ever changing indigo dyeing from the works displayed in this exhibition. The unique techniques demonstrate the richness of gradation in the color blue and its possibilities, which is a perfect integration of life and art. Meanwhile, these artworks are also beyond the stereotypical impressions of indigo dyeing and present an extraordinary momentum that carries the characteristics of Taiwan.

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