Sara---Kitchen paper goes indigo

Sara is a Swede, and she came to Taiwan for working in Taiwanese company in September, 2007.

She noted Sozan Indigo Art in English and information about "shibori" by searching internet.

She is interested at the craft, so she connected with Prof.Chen through e-mail, and also invented Sozan Indigo.

So, she came to learn the technics about once a season.

In May(2008), she brought the kitchen paper to go indigo and used the "shibori" technics!

The results of works is good!

The last one is from my bathroom at the hotel where she hung them up to dry over night.

She said that it was a bit sad to leave Taiwan knowing that she might not come back at least not in my work. she was busy in another project in Sweden.

Now, the Taiwan Indigo Dying Society were properly displayed in the exhibition on 10/2.

Sara sent on 9/19, and it received by Prof. Chen on 9/23.

Both of Sara and Prof. Chen surprised that it has reached Taiwan within such a short time.

Sara thought that it is almost like sending a parcel within Sweden.

Sara's works will be exhibited with ours in Sin-chu.

She will go back to Taiwan in November.

So, she will be in Taiwan between 4th and 21st of November.

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